Department of Cultural and International Affairs was founded to provide experiences, improve practical skills and teach languages other than English or Arabic to students of the institute. Its major activities are as follows:

  • Weekly Religious Lectures: These religious lectures have been held in the holy shrine of Lady Masuma (s) since April 2011 in English. The lecturers are well-educated scholars who can give English lecture on Islamic Ethics and teachings. In fact, these sessions operate as a connection between these students, with clerics or pilgrims who are interested and speak English. More than eighty lectures have been delivered to this day.
  • Weekly lectures: Prominent and renowned scholars and active figures in international affairs are invited on a weekly basis to share their experiences with our students. Tens of such lectures have been held to this day.
  • Extra-Curriculum Classes and Workshops:
    • Arabic class for English Students
    • English class for Arabic Students
    • Turkish (Istanbul) class
  • Cultural, educational, skill training trips: Trips to different cities, such as Mashhad, have been organized so far.


Other activities:

  • Organizing Selection Trips at the beginning of each admission
  • Management of the institute’s website
  • Preparing multimedia archive of lectures and sessions