After the approval of Islamic Studies as a field of study in English and Arabic for MA and PhD in September and November 2009, the first class of fourteen applicants was admitted for PhD in English the following month. Afterwards, students were admitted for MA in English, PhD in English, and PhD in Arabic. The institute currently holds eleven courses and the first generation of students are finishing their theses.

Some of Our Educational Goals

  • Educating teachers and researchers capable of international activities
  • Connecting with distinguished education or research institutes around the world
  • Granting Study Opportunity for teachers and students

Course Features

  • Educational and research approaches (mandatory article composition in English or Arabic for main subjects)
  • All courses are taught in English or Arabic
  • Theses are written in English or Arabic
  • Use of specialized teachers in Islamic Sciences with experience in International scientific or religious advocation
  • Official Student responsibilities for religious and scientific activities, in respect to seminary goals after graduation, equal to the amount of time spent in the Institute

MA consists of Education and Research activities, which takes a minimum of six semesters for education and two semesters for writing thesis. Maximum allowed period is ten semesters for the whole course.
PhD consists of Education and Research activities, which takes a minimum of four semesters for Education and four semesters for Thesis. Maximum legal period is twelve semesters for the whole course.