The International Institute for Islamic Studies’ e-journal is published for the purpose of recognizing bright and talented students in the field of composing articles and creating a platform for the better composition of the works of the students at IIIS. The first issue of this journal was published in the winter of 1391/2013, as a seasonal journal. The works and articles of the students of the IIIS will be published in the following categories:   1- Class papers in all Islamic fields 2- The English and Arabic translation of the articles in the field of Islamic studies from scholars from the Seminary of Qum and Universities 3- Q & A in the field of theology and ethics, in Arabic and English 4- Teaching foreign languages, with the priority of English and Arabic 5- Composing articles and introductory texts for the journal’s index 6- Interviewing teachers and scholars within the IIIS and the Seminary of Qom 7- Introducing the works of the academic centers within the country and abroad 8- Reports from national and international seminars and gatherings, and requesting articles for them   The journal is currently being published in Arabic and English. However, the journal does have the potential of being published on other languages.