IIIS Lecture on Modern Technology

On February 22 2011, IIIS held a lecture with Dr. Alayi. Dr Alayi has an Islamic University in America and since he has been deeply involved with computers from the very beginning of their creation, He has a rich experience on IT and how it has developed. This session was for the students to know how they can benefit from this modern technology.

Dr. Alayi started his session by explaining the base of computer technology, and how it all started in 1951 in Germany, where a kind of microcomputer was built. Later on, in 1962-64, IBM introduced the board. Microsoft started Windows in 1989-90.

Dr. Alayi explained how IT evolved and Internet became important. He stressed on the new technologies that when combined with the eagerness, thirst and potentials, which exist in the west, could create a powerful preaching platform. Pointing out to the problems in preaching, such as limited scholars with actual capability to teach Islamic basics, Dr. Alayi explained his plan on how to spread the message.

In the end, Dr. Alayi reminded that although some technologies may be expensive, but it is worth the results it brings.