Student:              Mr. Khamooshi

Dissertation:      “الرحلة فی طلب الحدیث” (Journeys to Acquire Hadiths)

Level:                  PhD – Arabic

Date:                     8 August 2014

Supervisor:        Dr. Jabbari

Advisor:              Dr. As’adi

Referee(s):        Dr. Hosseini

Grade:                  18



On 8 August 2014, Mr. Khamooshi, a PhD student of Islamic Studies in Arabic in the IIIS sat for his dissertation defense session.

The dissertation was titled as “الرحلة فی طلب الحدیث” (Journeys to Acquire Hadiths) and focused on trips to or from Iraq and Iran by Shia scholars up to 5th century AH, to acquire hadiths. Dr. Jabbari and Dr. As’adi supervised and advised the dissertation respectively.

Mr. Khamoushi explained how such a topic was common in Sunni sources of hadith, but non-existent in Shia sources. He explained the methods used for the dissertation, software, double checking sources in paper books, analysis on every narrator who has had a trip to different countries, and taking off the names of narrators whose status regarding having a trip or not could be doubted.

Mr. Khamoushi stated that every narration was analyzed for his dissertation, and special attention was put on hadith transmission.

The referees reviewed the dissertation and touched issues such as the content compared to the title, organization of transmitters list, use of the word Turath, historical facts, grammar and typing, and references.

Mr. Khamoushi’s supervisor, Dr. Jabbari, also gave his insight into the dissertation, pointing out to Mr. Khamoushi’s endeavor, and praised the novelty of his subject.

At the end of the session, Mr. Khamoushi’s dissertation was granted a grade of 18 out of 20, making him the institute’s second graduate.