With the help of God, and under the supervision of Imam Mahdi (as), Mr. Madani Nejad, a student of Islamic Studies in Arabic at PhD defended his thesis on 23th of November, 2013 at the IIIS.

The topic of his thesis was “The Approach of the Ahlul-Bayt and Particularly the Fifth and Sixth Imams towards the Followers of other Schools of Thought and Religions”

(منهجیة التعامل مع غیر الشیعة من اتباع المذاهب الإسلامیة لدی أئمة اهل البیت (ع) مع التأکید علی الصادقین (علیهما السلام))

Supervisor: Dr Seyyed Nabir al-Hasani
Advisor: Dr. Ali al-Sheikh
First Examiner: Dr. Muhsen Qummi
Second Examiner: Dr. Muhammad Hadi Gharavi