Student:              Mr. Mohammad Meftah

Dissertation:      “Animals Slaughtered by the People of the Book”

Level:                    MA- English

Date:                     07 October 2014

Supervisor:         Dr. Mokhtari

Advisor:               Dr.  Zamani

Referee(s):         Dr.  Alizadeh Musavi

Grade:  18.5



On 07 October 2014, Mr. Mohammad Meftah, a MA student of Islamic Studies in English at the IIIS sat for his dissertation defense session.

The title of dissertation was “Animals Slaughtered by the People of the Book”. Dr. Mokhtari and Dr. Zamani supervised and advised the dissertation respectively.

Mr. Meftah explained that the issue is of common concern to Muslims living in non-Islamic communities. The study, according to Mr. Meftah, aims to take a new insight into the previous researches done in this regard. He emphasized that the study shows the possibility to reach new results if further study is done.

Mr. Meftah explained that the issue of slaughter has been raised in the Qur’an twelve times, more than fasting and haj, with special emphasis. He concluded that it seems that to the Qur’an, slaughter is not merely a discussion on feeding one’s self, and relieving hunger, but much deeper than any other such issues.

Mr. Meftah explained that his study uses the Qur’an, Sunni and Shia interpretations of the Qur’an, narrations and tradition, Ilm al-Rijal (biographical evaluation of the transmitters of hadith) as well, using most analytical methods of analysis. He emphasized on the sensitivity used to accept a narration, explaining that only narrators have been accepted whom all references agreed on their authenticity.

The referee, Dr. Alizadeh Musavi, pointed out to some issues, such as formatting, referencing to previous fatwas, definitions and typing, followed by Dr. Mukhtari, who praised Mr. Meftah’s courage and effort in choosing this topic, with all its complexities.

Mr. Meftah’s dissertation was accepted, with a very good grade of 18.5.