Student:              Mr. Mohammad Monib

Dissertation:      “Divine Forgiveness in the Qur’an and the Bible”

Level:                   MA – English

Date:                     15 December 2014

Supervisor:         Dr. Hejazi

Advisor:               Dr. Ansarifard

Referee(s):         Dr. Hosseini

Grade:                  19


On 15 December 2014, Mr. Mohammad Monib, a MA student of Islamic Studies in English in IIIS sat for his dissertation defense session.

The title of dissertation was “Divine Forgiveness in the Qur’an and the Bible” and was presented in Farsi. Dr. Hejazi and Dr. Ansarifard supervised and advised for the dissertation respectively.

At the beginning of the session Mr. Monib summarized the content of his dissertation. He had pointed out to subjects such as, God’s forgiveness in the Qur’an, the Ash’arite and Mo’tazilite idea about forgiveness, monotheism and forgiveness, various levels of forgiveness (categorized by person and sin), effects of forgiveness, forgiveness in the Bible, and requirements of forgiveness according to Christianity. He also gave a lexical insight in the beginning of every chapter.

Dr. Hosseini, the referee, described the dissertation as great. He acknowledged the sensitivity of the topic, but praised the organized and calm discussion the author had managed to make. He also pointed out to referencing, use of Arabic and Persian fonts, and advised that a conclusion be added to the end of each chapter to sum up the information in that chapter.

Dr. Hejazi, Mr. Monib’s supervisor, stressed on the significance and importance of the chosen topic. He emphasized that Mr. Monib had done a very good job in touching controversial theological issues, such as the issue of God, human will etc.

After Dr. Ansari’s insight to the dissertation, the referees announced the result after consulting each other. Mr. Monib was awarded the MA Degree with an outstanding score of 19. He therefore became the institute’s fourth graduate.