islamic_belief_system Type: Speech
Speaker: Dr. M.A. Shomali
Place: London
Date: 2014
Discs: 4
Disc One 1. Introduction, Part I
2. Introduction, Part II
3. Arguments for Existence of God, Part I
4. Arguments for Existence of God, Part II
5. Divine Attributes, Part I
Disc Two 6. Divine Attributes, Part II
7. Divine Attributes, Part III
8. Tawhid, Lordship, and Man’s Creation
9. Knowing Mankind, Part I
10. Knowing Mankind, Part II
Disc Three 11. Knowing Mankind, Part III
12. Knowing Mankind, Part IV
13. Prophethood: Part I
14. Prophethood: Part II
15. Prophethood: Part III
Disc Four 16. Prophet of Mercy
17. Resurrection
18. Resurrection and Felicity