August 10 to 24, 2019

Islamic Belief System & Imamah

Qum, Isfahan & Mashhad

Located in the holy city of Qum, the International Institute for Islamic Studies and Risalat International Institute specialise in training scholars and teachers, compiling textbooks on Islamic subjects and offering educational programmes on different continents.

IIIS and IIR are now pleased to launch the registration for the fifth summer course.

This year the course includes a trip to the historical city of Isfahan as well.


Courses on:

  • Islamic Belief System (2nd Edition 2017)

  • Lessons on Imamah and Wilayah (3rd Edition 2018)

Lessons on Imamah and Wilayah

God-willing this year the courses cover all aspects of Aqaid including:
• Knowing God
• Anthropology
• Prophethood
• Imamate
• Resurrection
• Felicity

Course Certificate:
Participants are expected to attend approximately 35 hours of lectures over the course of two-weeks.
The certificate will be submitted to those who:
1. Have no absence in the classes
2. Successfully pass exam

Other Programs:
There will be some visits to different places in Qum, Isfahan and Mashhad during the course.

• Qom:
o Accommodation: Mojtama’ Yawaran-e Mahdi (as), a 10-minute walk from Jamkaran Mosque
o Courses: held in Mojtama’ Yawaran-e Mahdi (as)
o Transportation: provided almost every night for Maghrib prayers to and from the holy shrine of Lady Ma’sumah (as).
• Mashhad:
o Accommodation: Hotel, a 10-15 minute walk from the Holy Shrine

The fees for the entire programme are $800 USD. The fees include accommodation, three meals a day and all transportation within Iran. Applicants are responsible for their international ticket and visa. A $50 USD discount is given to the early bird registration by the end of February 2019.


Arrival and Departure:
Arrival: August 9 in Imam Khomeini airport
Departure: August 24
It is preferable to depart from Mashhad, but it is also possible to depart from Tehran with prior agreement.

1. Rooms are on a sharing basis both in Qom and Mashhad.
2. Participating in the course requires commitment to the schedule. Arranging with the coordinators for any personal changes in the schedule is a must.

To read the instructions of the course and to apply, please click here