This week’s English lecture was held on February 8th, 2014, at the Dar al-Telawah hall situated at the Holy Shrine of Lady Masoumah. This week’s lecturer was H. I. Dua Goo.

H. I. Dua Goo began with explaining the topic of his talk by posing the following question: “What is the reason behind the difference of religions and why didn’t God send one unified religion for all of mankind?”

In order to answer this question, he mentioned the theory of the compatibility of man’s intellect with the teachings of each religion. In this regard, he mentioned the example of textbooks of different school grades and how each book is suitable for a certain group of students.

Along these lines, H. I. Dua Goo mentioned sacred texts and the complete human (ensane kaamel) as the factors that make religions different and unique, and also expanded on the role that the complete human plays in bringing the religion to people.

Nearing the end of his talk, he explained what factors make different schools of thought in one religion differ. The two main factors in this regard are the approach that these schools of thought take towards viewing their sacred texts and complete humans (their prophets). Furthermore, H. I. Dua Goo stipulated that the Shi’ite approach pertaining to this issue is an logical approach; one that is based on Quranic teachings.