This week, the weekly conference was held on Wednesday January 4th, 2012.

The topic of the session was “the meaning of seminary studentship and daily issues of the IIIS” which was discussed in the lecture of Dr. Shomali, the Director of the IIIS.

He reviewed issues discussed through past weeks and he stressed that seminary studentship is to seek nearness to Allah through learning and teaching and thus they must take a big proportion of a student’s life. About sustenance, he pointed that a seminary student should not think he has to do something to sustain both his living and his seminary life!
In continuation of the session, some student asked about accepting cultural consulship in other countries. He answered that: “We neither support nor object to those invited for cultural consulship abroad. We let the doors open for them, and they themselves must decide about that and we would only offer consultation to them .”
Dr. Shomali also reported about the approval of the general draft of a plan in which unsolicited research groups will begin to form among seminary students out of official educational courses of the Institute. He added that further details of that will be announced in near future.
At the end of the session, he answered various questions of the students and highlighted the point that the goal of the Institute is to educate Islamic scholars who can defend Islam in general.