The Followers of the Twelfth Imam During His Occultation by H. I. Muhammadi

On 17th of Decembe2013r, the weekly lecture was delivered by H. I. Muhammadi  in Dar al-Tilawah, the holy shrine of Lady Ma’soumah .

In this lecture, H. I. Muhammadi explained about verse 54 of surah Ma’idah and expounded on the point that the followers of the Prophet’s household (A.S) should not assume that they are amongst the true soldiers of Imam Mahdi (A.J). This is because according to the mentioned verse, possible conclusions such as the mentioned assumption require a number of conditions, some of which the majority of them lack.

Near the end of the lecture, he explained the reasoning behind this point saying: “Being amongst the chosen ummah during the end of times requires a number of conditions rarely possessed by the Muslim ummah today; conditions such as loving God, being humble befor friends, family and other believers, and being proud in the face of disbelievers.”