Mohammad Ali Shomali is the director of the International Institute for Islamic Studies and the Head of the Islamic Center of England. He also has been a lecturer and the head of department of Religions at the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute since 2001. He has been very successful in inter-religious dialogues in the past two decades and has attended conferences in UK, Canada, USA, Poland, Sweden, Ghana, Philippines, Georgia, Italy, Austria, Kazakhstan, Tanzania, etc.


1989-1993 B.A. in Western Philosophy, Tehran University, Iran
1994-1996 M.A. in Western Philosophy, Tehran University, Iran
1997-2001 PhD in Moral Philosophy, The University of Manchester, England.


– Co-translator of After Virtue by Alsdair MacIntyre (in process)
– Principles of Jurisprudence (Sazeman-e Madares, 2006)
– A Selection of Ethical Texts (Payam-e Nur University, 2006)
– Discovering Shi‘i Islam (Jami‘at al-Zahra, Sixth Reprint, 2006)
This book has been translated from English into German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Farsi, Turkish, Urdu, Albanian and French.
– Co-editor of Reason & Faith in Theory & Practice (Milesland, 2006).
– Self-knowledge (International Publishing Co., 1996, 2nd Edition 2006)
-“Revelation as Understood by Muslims’’ in Biblioteka EKUMENII (2005)
– Co-editor of Catholics and Shi‘a in Dialogue: Studies in Theology and Spirituality (Milesland, 2004). He also has two papers in the following two books:
“Mary, Jesus and Christianity: An Islamic Perspective” and “Value of Life in Islam”.
– Shi‘i Islam: Origins, Faith & Practices (ICAS, 2004). This book has been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Turkish & Swedish.

-Ethical relativism: An Analysis of the Foundation of Morality (ICAS, 2001)
– Co-author of An Introduction to Religious Faith (Ma‘aref, 1998).
– “Self-knowledge” in Tehran Times (Winter & Spring 1995, 49 installments).
-“Perspective on Islamic Schools of Thought” 1. To 10. in Tehran Times (1995)
-Book Review: in Ma’rifat, No. 10, 11, 13 – 16
in Name-ye Farhang (Spring, 1995)
-(with Harry Lesser) “Can we See God”, under consideration by Islamic & Jewish Studies Yearbook, Oxford.
– “Reason, Faith & Authority’’ in Faith & Reason