Since April 2011, the International Institute for Islamic Studies has been holding weekly lectures on Islamic ethics and spirituality in the holy Shrine of Lady Ma’souma (s) after Maghrib prayer and benefits from great lecturers and scholars of Islamic studies.


List of the latest Weekly Lectures
June 7th, 2014H. I. Dr. ShomaliThe Importance of Applying the Knowledge in Practice
May 10th, 2014H. I. Isma’iliImam Ali’s (a) Supplication in the Mosque of Kufah
May 3rd, 2014H. I. ForoutanTaqwa (Piety)
April 26th, 2014H. I. GhanbariSpiritual Freedom
March 7th, 2014H. I. ShomaliThe Virtue of Knowledge and Merits of the Knowledgeable
February 8th, 2014H. I. Doagoo.The Commonalities and Differences of Religions
February 1st, 2014H. I. DoagooThe Role of Intellect and Its Practical Results in Shia School of Thought
December 17th, 2013H. I. MuhammadiWeekly Lecture 2013/12/14 by H. I. Mohammadi


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