In order to create the motives to research amongst our students, and to form an organized way of answering the needs of the international arena with respect to Islamic Studies, Deputy of Research has been active in the following fields:

Support of Research Activities and Projects: Apart from the activities the Deputy performs, or is done under his supervision, independent research activities conducted by students, which are published in scientific research or scholarly magazines, are supported and encouraged.

  • Spiritual Quest English journal: a quarterly scientific and research journal which is the only English magazine specialized in practical and theoretical studies of Islamic ethics.
  • Translation of great Islamic books: The institute hopes to translate some of the prominent books from the Islamic heritage, specifically in Ethics.
  • Enriched library: the institute hopes to gather best books written on Islam, Shia, Islamic sciences, Islamic history, and other related subjects from across the globe. Approximately, one thousand books have been gathered up to now. Next to English books, some of important Islamic references in Arabic and Farsi have also been collected.
  • Multimedia collection: the Deputy of Research has collected multimedia content in English and Arabic to strengthen students’ linguistic abilities.
  • Scientific and Religious software for the use of students for international activities

 Worldwide Scientific and Religious Connections

The institute has had various activities in order to introduce the students and the scientific board of the institute with Scientific, religious and cultural centers around the world. This way they will become familiar with recent methods and subjects in the field of religious studies in general, and Islamic studies in the world specifically, and spread a logical and effective understanding of Islam, the Shia seminary, and establish the scientific position of the institute, which naturally applies to the institute’s graduates as well:

  • Acquaintance with scientific, religious, and cultural centers in other countries: to create an accurate understanding of the needs and conditions of other countries, the institute has sent several individuals and groups to foreign countries. Visiting scientific and cultural centers, communicating with distinguished centers and people and introducing educational and research capabilities are part of the goals followed in such trips. Seven African, eleven Asian and six European countries, United States and Canada have so far been the destination for our colleagues.
  • Holding educational courses in other countries: with respect to the needs specific to every country or group, the institute we have held specific classes for each of such groups in foreign countries. Most attendees are from the young and educated class. In the last two years, over fifteen classes have been held for six African and Asian countries. The contexts of the courses are usually planned here, but educated scholars who can speak the language teach the course.
  • Student support for international conferences: in addition to following international conferences and meetings on Islam, the Deputy of Research informs students about the events and encourages them to take part in them. If a student’s paper is accepted, the institute will provide reasonable financial support. Several students have taken part in conferences in the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, and Japan with the institute’s support.
  • Inter-religious Dialogue: the institute holds and takes part in inter-religious dialogues inside Iran or in other countries. For example, the 5th Catholic and Shia Dialogue was held at the institute with the attendance of high ranking Shia scholars and Benedict priests from Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Kenya and the United States. Also, the institute share-hosted the 5th dialogue with the Catholic Church of the Philippines, with the Islamic Culture and Relations Office.