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——–Mohammad Ali ShomaliA Journey from Darkness towards Light: the Qur’anic Perspective on the Concept of Light, Part IIIProject; Part Three5101
——–Anne-Marie VisserWhat Love Can Mean within the Christian TraditionArticle17102
Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Misbah YazdiOn the Necessity of Having Affection for the PoorArticle35103
——–benoit Standaert OSBPaul of Tarsus, Teacher of Love (doctor caritatis): His Insights on Love and CharityArticle41104
——–Judith Marie PovilosMutual Love and the Presence of God in the Community according to Christian Thought and ExperienceArticle55105
——–Hamed FayaziSpiritual Poverty and Spirituality of the Poor from an Islamic PerspectiveArticle67106
——–William SkudlarekThe Practice of Charity in Catholic SpiritualityArticle79107
——–Sayyed Mohammad Reza MohaddesZakat and Khums as Two Obligatory Alms in IslamArticle93108
——–Roberto CatalanoCharity as a Paradigm for Interfaith DialogueArticle103109

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