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  Main Subject ProjectPageVolumeNo.
——–Mohammad Ali ShomaliA Journey from Darkness towards Light: the Qur’anic Perspective on the Concept of Light – Part VProject; Part Five5121
Mohammad Reza Farajian ShoushtariMohammad Reza BartehHappiness and Closeness to God – Part IIProject; Part Two19122
Mohammad Reza Farajian ShoushtariAlireza MaktabdarPatienceArticle37123
——–Mohammad HeydarpourInconsistency between Qur’anic Morality and Muslim Morality in the Realm of Relation to GodArticle57124
——–Mohammad Ali ShomaliDignity in Islam – Part IIProject; Part Two81125
Mohammad Reza Farajian ShoushtariAlireza MaktabdarMoral Conduct of the Noble Prophet (s): Part IProject; Part One93126

Spiritual Quest 12