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——–Mohammad Ali ShomaliA Journey from Darkness towards Light- the Qur’anic Perspective on the Concept of Light – Part VIIProject; Part Seven5141
Yasser PouresmaeilAlireza MaktabdarLoveArticle19142
——–Mohammad Ali ShomaliDignity in Islam–Part IVProject; Part Four45143
Yasser EbrahimAyatollah Jawadi AmuliStages of the Mysics and Stations of the Spiritual Journey, Part VIProject; Part Six61144
Husayn LatifiMohammad Ali Mashayekhipour & Mahmoud Wa’ezi & Abdulhadi FaqihizadehPrinciples of Professional Ethics in Imam Ali’s(a) ViewArticle77145
Mohammad Reza Farajian ShoushtariKhalil JawahiriQur’anic Solutions for Relief from Greed and MiserlinessArticle103146

Spiritual Quest 14