Spiritual Quest 3


No. Volume Page Project Title Author Translator
15 3 5 Article Ablutions: Its Effects and Secrets Mohammad Ali Shomali ——–
16 3 17 Project; Part One Summary of Jami’ al-Sa’adat, Part I Sayyid Jalal al-Din Mujtabavi Mohammad Rassafi
17 3 35 Article Serving the Servants of God Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi Kani Mohammad Reza Farajian Shoushtari
18 3 45 Project; Part Three Stages of the Mystics and Stations of the Spiritual Journey, Part III Ayatollah Jawadi Amuli Mohammad Reza Farajian Shoushtari
19 3 69 Article Reflections on the Supplication of Kumayl Mohammad Ali Shomali ——–
20 3 83 Project; Part Three Practical Steps towards Moral Purification, Part III Ayatollah Nasir Makarim Shirazi Seyyedeh Zahra Mirfendereski
21 3 99 Article Different Types of Courtesy Mahmoud Akbari Vahid Mohammadi Sirat